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Altar Set Up

This is my personal working altar, I recommend all my clients set up a personal working altar in their home if at all possible.  Its decor should reflect you and your own personality and associations.


The Empress

Songs: Light My Fire – Mae West

She’s Like A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones

She’s a Lady – Tom Jones

A Woman Gets Her Way – Marty Robbins

Movies: Mae West’s entire filmography

Meanings: Nurture, “soft” power, the iron hand in the velvet glove, fertility, TBH I see her as WAY more Mae West than the sweet “earth mama” she’s generally portrayed as, she has a dirty sense of humor and gets her way with men. 


Also Watching Witchy Youtubers

People talk about healing a lot, like a LOT a lot and I can’t help but think that capitalism leaves so many people in need of healing, it wounds people daily, causes people immense pain, and as much as I think that ritual and spiritual practice and belief in the beyond can help to cope with that pain (when Marx called religion the opiate of the masses, his primary meaning wasn’t that it was a soporific drug to keep us docile, but that it was a painkiller, because that was what opiates were used for at the time, to dull suffering), the fact that we live in a society where we have to work so hard to try and heal our daily hurts is pretty shite. 

And like as you know, I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in literal deities but like I can’t help but feel that for people who are more of that bent a society that wasn’t so intensely painful to exist within (status inequality stresses humans out and makes us miserable fyi) those people could spend a lot of time doing spiritual development shit beyond just trying to keep themselves together and functioning.


What The Hell Are New Age/Witchy/Spiritual Types Talking About When They Talk About Energy?

Cause like… it’s literally not energy in the typical sense of the word?

Here’s a list of the types of energy that exist as far as we know:

It can’t heat stuff or move stuff, so like…?

I feel like they mean atmosphere or like emotional resonance or association or something?

Like usually they’re talking about a feeling something evokes and that’s… actually totally valid and worthwhile.  If the pretty rock relaxes you and makes you feel better then that’s awesome, you hold onto that pretty rock.