Are there any techniques for cartomancy that involve not simply drawing and laying out cards, but playing card games with them (solitaire or multiplayer) as I imagine one could get some quite interesting things out of say… playing a hand of five card draw with tarot cards (one would have to come up with something to do with the majors, but I imagine one could), or like reading from a game of solitaire and what goes where when. I may not be explaining my idea very well.

You could for example in a draw style of game, assign a particular meaning to cards discarded to draw new ones (as if they held a particular position in a spread) and get divinatory meanings out of winning or losing hands.

For example a flush could indicate perhaps a lack of balance in life or a need to focus on a specific aspect of the self, a straight might mean that things are progressing in a very expected “a to b to c” manner, pairs/three of a kinds etc might tell you to focus on what those cards have in common (like all the 2s have aspects of meaning in common) and so that common element of each card could be played up.

I suppose for the majors one could use the first 14 as a suit of their own basically, and then make the last 8 wild except for their suit (so they can be any number but not any suit, or they could just count as extra high number cards, which could impact scoring, or they could just be wild, and maybe like a majors flush would count for less or more, though probably less since it’s more likely, than a flush of one of the other suits)

For a multiple paths reading, you could get as many players as you have options, each player represents an option, the hands they draw represent the likely outcome of each path, or the strategy one would need to use for it to work out, the winning hand could be read as the path with the highest chance of success 


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