The Divine Circus Oracle Review:


A lot of art that appeals to my inner fairywingsgirlTM (you know that girl who always wore fairy wings to school… yeah her)

Easy to read IMO especially when combined with tarot

Nice enough cardstock

Really as stated surprisingly easy to read. The images are evocative and the guidebook is helpful in terms of card meanings.

Some of the card names are really really racist (like straight up throwing a slur on there-style racist) and get into some weird exotifying garbage with Japanese culture.  Which for me at least, makes the deck as good as useless because I can’t just pull those cards out because their meanings are useful and necessary and also I just don’t feel comfortable reading with something that contained shit that blatantly offensive. 

The guidebook advocates shouting “Woohoo” as a spiritual practice which seems suspect to me.

Butchers William Blake’s “The Tyger” in the guidebook.


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