Welcome, I’m Madeira Darling, a veteran tarot reader and spiritual healer.  I’m here to guide others on their spiritual as well as their temporal paths, helping them find greater joy, fulfilment, and self-confidence so that they can live richer, fuller lives.

I offer a variety of cartomancy readings, as well as life coaching and hypnosis services for spiritual and personal growth.  I’ve been professionally helping people to improve their lives since 2009 and hope to cross paths with many more unique souls in the future.

I’ve helped many people find happy romantic relationships and even more improve the relationships they’re already in, and have also been of assistance to numerous people during life transitions and with their work life balance.  My approach to happiness is holistic, helping you to achieve all your goals rather than remaining fixated solely on one area.


Very accurate – Allison in NJ

A big fan of yours

Amazing – Kayla in WI

A big fan of yours